Why does Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead really look like an aliens face http://ift.tt/1kEqcIy

Selfies with beautiful strangers part 2. http://ift.tt/1kEqaQR

selfies with beautifully normal strangers. Because art. http://ift.tt/1szLL4O

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New video “Action Figures” out now! http://ift.tt/1oO3ZJn

This was the most fun video to ¬†make. The official “Action Figures” music video directed by myself and @Griff_J featuring @Gifted_Gab and @MarioSweet!¬†

Available now on iTunes

Me and @gifted_gab got a new video dropping TOMORROW! http://ift.tt/1oKixJV

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YO SEATTLE! Me and the homies will be at Madison Beach all day tomorrow havin a clearance sale getting rid of the remaining merch! Slash getting drunk and enjoying sun! Come hangout. Gifted Gab and Nacho Picasso will be there as well. Can’t miss us.

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