Block party we here

One last TBT me and the bro

TBT sophomore year high school with @skyblaow @lv206 @youngbella and Rotoro

TBT liquor store shoot with @razsimone and @deboogirl

TBT me and Lil Q RIP

Official tracklist!!

The circle of life continues

Hahaha why does my O face look hella sus. Smoke break with @gifted_gab

Sending out all the shit to our amazing kickstarter backers TODAY! Thank you all for your patience. LOVE!

TB me and little bro

My new favorite town. FERNDALE!

FERNDALE, WASHINGTON WADDUP!!! I am inside of you. Best town on earth. Rockin tonight at Pioneer Park come through. Bellingham people you guys should also come it’s hella close.

Haha these dudes jus saw me downtown and asked to be the selfies with strangers part 3

Why does Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead really look like an aliens face

Selfies with beautiful strangers part 2.