I always forget how sad my neutral face looks. Epic photo by @andrewimanaka http://ift.tt/1l9qXKK

Almost 90% to our goal on kickstarter! Can’t wait to give you guys this album! Every dollar helps. Thank you all. http://ift.tt/1iVoPTZ

Studio selfie! Second mixing session with Wilson luxurious and @randyofundercaste let’s finish this album! http://ift.tt/1kqOqsf

Let’s go Ms!! W/ @chuckbrown99 http://ift.tt/1iKtSYB

Little bro visiting Seattle!! So great. http://ift.tt/1ettK2X

Countdown to my new album begins! With no label or major backing, we need your help to make this possible. Appreciate every dollar. Thank you all. http://ift.tt/1lRAWbi

The countdown to my new album officially begins! With no label or major backing, we are calling on YOUR support to make this thing possible! Can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been working on. Love you all.

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I am currently coffee sampling at a hipster coffee shop while it rains outside. Seattle shit. http://ift.tt/1qnb0ln

At @andrewimanaka house workin on some big shit with him and @cranegeronimo ! Big announcements soon http://ift.tt/1htuIGK

3AM grinding with @cranegeronimo photo by @andrewimanaka http://ift.tt/1hBiSyO

Santino nooooo!! http://ift.tt/1gValI9

Pullman tonight with Nacho Picasso, Grynch and Dave B. Let’s party.

Out here! This is Santinos excited face lol. http://ift.tt/1dp8x9m

Santino met his match http://ift.tt/1guWSXq