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The Murphy/Lachows! I made it to another birthday http://ift.tt/1F88cmq

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Next time a girl tells me I should “do my eyebrows” I’m lookin at her like http://ift.tt/1snGAph

Last night a squad car pulled up on me and asked for a pic. ‘Twas the first time a Seattle cop has done or said anything nice to me. They were cool as shit and it made my night. http://ift.tt/1vcII4g

Date night with bae http://ift.tt/1vMg2fc

What a buncha awesome goobers. Complete goobs. http://ift.tt/1uP5rmD

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My guy @ryanqampbell drunk as shit posing in front of the epic Seattle sunset http://ift.tt/1pOqWw2

Epic water spray shot by @connor_jalbert and sheeeit http://ift.tt/1vyQguV

Western was epic! Love gettin to rock shows with my good friends. http://ift.tt/1rwC1s9