"Cadillacs & Videos" shoot day 1 bouta go down! With @chuckbrown99 directed by @andrewimanaka and myself. http://ift.tt/1oSn7uS

Hempfest 2014! This is me! Smoking pot! http://ift.tt/YiKHWB

I hope in the near future we can look back on this time and think “damn, America used to have some fucked up cops…” http://ift.tt/1l54eo4

RP from @jarvdee shooting some shit for BBC radio wit @gifted_gab good people http://ift.tt/XZ212Q

Made my day. Thank you Mack for actually giving it a listen homie http://ift.tt/1ugr7Yo

Me and the homie John Martin aka Wilson Luxurious. Together with our team of talented musicians we created Huckleberry completely from scratch with no samples and all original music. Huckleberry out now on iTunes! Photo by @andrewimanaka http://ift.tt/1orLE91

TBT shooting the 23rd ave video with @rileymulherkar and @gifted_gab http://ift.tt/1kN7nZx

Haha TBT me and @lv206 and james at Washington middle school graduation http://ift.tt/1u4ehfx

TBT high school with @ryanqampbell and @skyblaow http://ift.tt/1utl289

TBT shooting the “Backwards” video with Tom Pepe of the Knowmads http://ift.tt/1sphHWk

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