Since our set was so early yesterday I was worried about people not showing up. When I walked on stage I was completely blown away. Surreal.

Bumbershoot was incredible. Thank you all. Photo by @connor_jalbert

I’m obsessed with dogs and I just happened to run into this. I’m so happy.

Damn what an amazing dog. Love ya Santino

TBT freshman year at New Paltz when I got tattoos and smoked squares like a badass

Last night in the studio with @solzilla @deboogirl and Mario Sweet. Photo by @randyofundercaste

Two of my best pals from New York havin their first day in Seattle. First time smoking legal(ish) pot in public wooh! @lukedicola @dapethan

Cool guy chillin pose. Photo by @connor_jalbert

Throwback to the good ol days with my mom and Maggie Brown. Maggie has been a best friend since pre school and my main composer. She is responsible for a lot of the best shit on Huckleberry.

TB to when we got to scoop up the hella cool winners of our @uber_sea competition and roll to the Huckleberry release party together in an Uber bumpin the album the whole way. Amazing night.

"Cadillacs & Videos" shoot day 1 bouta go down! With @chuckbrown99 directed by @andrewimanaka and myself.

Hempfest 2014! This is me! Smoking pot!

I hope in the near future we can look back on this time and think “damn, America used to have some fucked up cops…”

RP from @jarvdee shooting some shit for BBC radio wit @gifted_gab good people

Made my day. Thank you Mack for actually giving it a listen homie